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Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Cool Songs About Guitars

“This Old Guitar” (Neil Young)
This ballad from Neil Young’s Prairie Wind album centers on an old acoustic guitar – once owned by Hank Williams – that Young has been playing for 30-plus years. In his 2006 Heart of Gold performance film, staged at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Young reverentially noted he was now playing the instrument in the spot where Williams once played it.

“Perfectly Good Guitar” (John Hiatt)

This title track from John Hiatt’s 1993 album is one of the best songs of Hiatt’s career. Fitted with an incendiary, Crazy Horse guitar-vibe, the song uses the smashing of a guitar as a metaphor for a relationship gone bad.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (Beatles)

Eric Clapton was at first reluctant to accept George Harrison’s invitation to play lead on this classic song, but in fact Clapton’s presence in the studio helped ease tensions during the tumultuous White Album sessions. Not surprisingly, Clapton created his beautiful lines using a Les Paul.

“Little Guitars” (Van Halen)

Eddie Van Halen played a custom-made miniature Les Paul on this highlight from Van Halen’s terrific Diver Down album. During the band’s 1982 tour, fans were consistently amazed at the powerful sound Van Halen got out his pint-sized instrument.

United Breaks Guitars” (Sons of Maxwell)

Sons of Maxwell frontman Dave Carroll was inspired to write this song after United Airlines damaged his cherished instrument, then proceeded to give him the run-around. The airline endured a public relations nightmare after Carroll posted a video of the track on YouTube.

“Anyone Can Play Guitar” (Radiohead)

This song from Radiohead’s first album, Pablo Honey, featured guitarist Jonny Greenwood playing his instrument with a paintbrush. According to Q Magazine, the band also enlisted everyone present in the studio, including the catering staff, to pick up a guitar and contribute to the track.

“Guitar Town” (Steve Earle)

Steve Earle wrote this song – the title track to his 1986 debut album – specifically as a vehicle with which to kick off his live shows. As every trucker knows, the phrase “guitar town” is the CB handle for the city of Nashville.

All the Way from Memphis” (Mott the Hoople)

This lead track from Mott the Hoople’s classic Mott album centers on the (temporary) loss of guitarist Mick Ralph’s cherished Les Paul during the band’s 1971 tour. Frontman Ian Hunter wrote the song – which also deglamorizes band-life on the road – on the final date of the tour.

“Electric Guitar” (Talking Heads)

This creepiest song from Talking Heads’ creepiest album (1979’s Fear of Music) unfolds as a tangled story about an electric guitar being brought before a jury in a court of law. Presumably frontman David Byrne had been reading lots of Kafka prior to penning this bizarre composition.

“Pink Guitar” (Reba McIntyre)

Reba McIntyre spoke to Great American Country about this song, which appears on her 2009 Keep on Loving You album: “This is just a kick-ass fun song. I can see lots of little girls going, 'Yeah, I want to play guitar.' I love the attitude of it. It's still country; it's almost like 'Fancy.' This girl had this dream and she went on to survive and succeed. It's real cute and I love to sing it."

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